Vertical tasting

Masterpieces of the best sites

A single vineyard site – a range of vintages, that is what you get in our vertical tastings. The very long maturation potential of our top Rieslings makes it possible to maintain a treasure trove with a unique depth of vintages. This gives you the opportunity of comparing the individual characteristics of various vintages and terroirs – a really special experience.

Library of vintages

Depth in terms of vintages is one of the benefits of a really wellstocked cellar. To taste the individual characteristics of different vintages is one of the most fascinating aspects of wine enjoyment for real connoisseurs. As far as we are concerned, vintage wines are much more than just bottles with a date on them. The principle that the terroir gives each wine an unmistakeable character applies to the vintages too. The vegetative cycle, climate, flowering and the time of harvesting – all these, too, can be tasted in the wine, and are preserved in it forever. According to our understanding, a vintage wine should capture time and make this accessible as in a book. In this sense, a so-called “vertical tasting” of several successive vintages of one of the best vineyard sites in the Mittelhaardt region is a real experience and pleasure for every wine enthusiast.

In order to be able to share this pleasure with you, we can on offer limited quantities of our great Rieslings from our G.C.and P.C. vineyard sites. These wines are stored under perfect conditions in the reserve cellar of the Estate, the optimum maturation conditions provided here, guarantee the best possible condition of the wines.

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