The Appellations

The origin is manifested in the character

Since 1994, we have been classifying our vineyards according to our own strict criteria. In this, we are following a centuries-old tradition, which has made the recognition of outstanding quality part of our every fibre.

The Appellations

Carefully protected home of our most valuable wines

We use the term appellations to describe the origins of our Rieslings, reserved and protected for our most valuable wines. In a deeper sense, these sites are much more, they represent the totality of all influencing factors of a specific site that are manifested in the wine itself. This includes not only the geological and climatic factors affecting growth, but indeed all aspects, the entire microcosm. Riesling as a variety is unique in its ability to allow us to show the essence of the terroir in each wine. Amongst the tools we use to ensure these specific characteristics of our wines are the biodynamic methods we implemented in our vineyards.


The Kirchenstück Vineyard –
the „Montrachet of the Pfalz“

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the Kirchenstück vineyard site for viticulture in the Pfalz. Surrounded by other famous vineyard sites of the town of Forst, such as the Jesuitengarten, Ungeheuer or Pechstein, this vineyard, which is only 3.6 hectares in extent, holds an outstanding position. In the royal Bavarian vineyard classification of 1828, the Kirchenstück was the only vineyard site to be rated with the maximum score of 65 points. It is said that two centuries before this in the Thrity Years War, the Spanish general Fragipani expressed his reverence for this site, and ordered his soldiers to show their respect for this vineyard site by saluting it.

The Kirchenstück vineyard site  in Forst is a gift of nature, it stands alone in  Germany in its complexity and in its unmistakeable character. Nowhere else can dry Riesling grow with greater complexity, and at the same time with such elemental power and expression. Initially, this wine is slow to develop, it is only after years of maturation in the bottle that it reveals its inner values to the wine connoisseur, making this wine a real masterpiece: the unique terroir character interwoven with the vintage characteristics, revealed by the careful handling of our cellar master.

This wine combines body and power with beguiling elegance, a wealth of concentrated aromas is combined with the most elegant brilliance. The final „Wagnerian“ chord on the finish appears to disappear into eternity, and leaves many a taster simply speechless. A wine that cannot be appreciated in a passing moment.

This jewel of our appellations is the shining beacon that defines everything we do at the estate. It represents as no other site our constant striving for outstanding quality on our wine estate.





Gaisböhl - Monopol -



Wachenheimer Gerümpel
Wachenheimer Rechbächel -monopole site-
Wachenheimer Goldbächel
Wachenheimer Böhlig
Wachenheimer Altenburg

Ruppertsberger Hoheburg

Our Forster Kirchenstück vineyard.
„Montrachet“ of the Pfalz.

The Hoheburg in Ruppertsberg.

The Gaisböhl – our G.C. monopole site

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