the 2019 vintage

brilliance and clarity


the 2020 vintage

brilliance and harmony


The 2019 Vintage
- brilliance and clarity -

Summery temperatures at the end of March let us fear an even earlier harvest than in 2017 and 2018 but then two cold weeks in May stopped the vegetation almost entirely and the growth in the vineyards slowed down. The flowering was varying and effected smaller quantities than the previous year. The summer was beautiful and extremely dry but unlike in 2018 the vineyards could benefit from more winter wetness. The harvest started in early September and the wines in our cellar are just fantastic! The brilliance and clarity of each terroir is perfectly recognizable and the acidity is wonderfully balanced. 2019 is a great vintage for us!

The 2020 Vintage
- brilliance and harmony -

Enough rain in the winter and a mild March brought us an early budbreak. The summer was warm with enough rain every now and then but not as hot as 2019. In the last week of August we harvested the grapes for our Sekt. September was perfectly warm with cool nights so that the harvest was very relaxed and brought us fully ripe grapes with good acidities. The wines are crystal clear and show their terroir perfectly. Another vintage with great ageing potential.

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